Life is about Living

“As an inspirational speaker, I want you to make inspirational choices!

Whose life can you inspire without even knowing it?”

 inspirational speaker its your decisionI love life and see potential and possibilities at every turn in the road.  I guess this is why I love to be a motivational and inspirational speaker who helps others to see beyond. What do you see?

Since I was a young girl, I have had the bittersweet journey of having many doctor visits as a result of health challenges. I was diagnosed with a childhood disease and at the age of thirteen was told I would never have children and would not live to be thirty. What a thing to tell a new teen.  I determined to push aside the report and just live. I followed all the medical procedures and took the meds prescribed to me but never thought again of living focused on an incurable disease. Instead, I have focused on living life to the fullest, in spite of any disease. The discovery of a positive outlook has helped through the darkest of days.

My husband and I have five miracle children, and I am now fifty six. I am grateful to the medical teams across the nation who has helped me live in health but, more than anything, I have realized I must have a vision for living. It is a healthy choice. Choosing life is a daily event, and it helps no matter the condition.

Everyone has some kind of setback. Have you ever watched a person be disabled due to a mere cold, yet see a handicapped person in a wheelchair run circles around the one who complains about everything? I realize well that physical conditions are real, but your desire to live and your positive attitude to see beyond the challenge and ailment will help as you partner with your caregivers.

Life is about living, no matter the days you have left.  Stay focused on some free medicines listed below. You cannot afford to live without them…

  • Laughter is like good medicine, and it massages the liver.
  • Smiles actually take fewer muscles than frowns, plus they may help delay those wrinkles.
  • Peace of mind can be helpful and a gift to your blood pressure.
  • Joy is contagious.
  • Knowing your life has value makes you breathe easier.
  • Exercising goodness to your fellow man keeps your hopes pumped.
  • Speaking an encouraging word keeps your foot out of your mouth.
  • Serving a purpose greater than yourself keeps your hands and feet from being disjointed.
  • A sense of purpose will give you energy.
  • Forgiving others will help you get a good night’s rest.

Choose to live well.

And when you choose to look past the horizon, the sky’s the limit.inspirational speaker says choose life

What are you focused on that keeps you from living well?


  1. Gina Keenan says:

    I love you so much. I thank God for you, I’ve read your book and daily devotional. I love this blog!! How so very true on how we live, how we think, or what do we do in our lives that’ll make a difference! Not just for ourselves but others as well. Well I realized I have a lot of great intentions but I don’t put them all into action. Then I realized that tomorrow has already came & gone.
    I can honestly say though at least I make some of the smaller thing’s that might have a huge impact for someone just by putting it into action. Just by say something kind to them, smile at everyone I cross, or acknowledging something someone has done or accomplished! I realized for my self as so many others just a simple at-a-girl goes a long way!
    Please keep doing what you do for us all, you have helped me abundantly! How truly blessed we are, I know I am more then I deserve. But that’s the kind of AWESOME GOD WE SERVE! I’ll keep praying for you!
    Thank you so much, your sister in Christ!
    Giina Keenan

  2. I cannot thank you enough for your appearance on Kirk Cameron’sshow it was so refreshing. God sent you at the right moment, I have strength as a caregiver for my husband i.e.soldier who suffers from addiction and on and off relationship with God day can be so chalenging and his actions and presence can bring a petson down taking a toll on my mentally and physically but your apperance on the show today made me smile and chuckle and regain my strengthto handle life and a great Mom, wife and caregiver to my young child and veeran/soldier husband. God bless you.

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