Corporate Motivational

Gail McWilliams is a compelling author, seasoned speaker, and host of her own national radio feature: “Seeing Beyond with Gail McWilliams.”

As an inspiring, motivating and humorous professional speaker, she empowers others with a renewed reach toward dreams and purpose they once thought impossible. Gail has an instinctive ability to capture and lift the spirits of people, no matter the age or position. She demonstrates a unique personal impact on listeners who come away with renewed energy and new ideas. She has extensive experience in public speaking, television, and radio, and as a recording artist and life-coach.

Gail’s versatility generates invitations from a wide variety of organizations, nationally and internationally. She also serves as a stellar keynote speaker for many fundraising efforts around the nation.

Gail speaks at conferences, universities, corporations and faith-based organizations. Some events have included Amsurg, The Ziglar Corporation, LaQuinta, Focus on the Family and recently alongside Governor Rick Perry of Texas. She has graced such universities as Texas A&M, Oklahoma Wesleyan, and Dallas Baptist University. She is the recipient of the first Hope for Life Award given by The Justice Foundation.

Gail’s reach is global. Her love is people, and her passion is leaders. Her first book, Seeing Beyond, with foreword by Zig Ziglar, and her book, Engaging the Heart, have captured hearts around the globe, leaving them wanting more. Both books have also been printed in Spanish. Her newest release is B12: Doses of Encouragement. Her story is also included in Zig Ziglar’s newest book, Embrace the Struggle.

Gail has also gained international experience in Mexico where she spoke at multiple events, including Colima University. She appeared recently in Spain, where she spoke fifteen times in eighteen days to a variety of audiences, including ruling members at the Parliament in Barcelona.

She resides in Dallas with her husband, Tony, and their children and grandsons.